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Message of the Day

Admins: In preparation for the upcoming merger with United Bank on June 3, 2016, the current phone number and e-mail address you have for Bank of Georgetown's Business Banking will convert to your United Bank Business eBanking profile. Please ensure its accuracy. If it needs to be changed, please contact Bank of Georgetown's Customer Service or your local branch office to update.

Upon your first login to United Bank Business eBanking, United Bank will send a one-time Out of Band Authentication to the phone number on record. If that information is inaccurate, users will be unable to log in to United Bank's Business eBanking.

United Bank will also have a Preview Period where Admins can add the phone numbers for their sub-users into Business eBanking. Please check back for more merger related information coming soon.

Bank of Georgetown has increased functionality to your commercial online banking profile to make it easier to reset forgotten passwords. Your online banking administrator or users can reset their password by simply answering security questions the user establishes. Please visit for details.


Bank of Georgetown will never request personal or account sensitive information from you including your PIN or password over the telephone, by text message or by e-mail. If you receive a suspicious or unsolicited e-mail, or if you experience anything unusual regarding your online banking experience such as a pop-up window or a request for personal information, please contact one of our branch locations immediately.

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